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Atlantic Charter

066  WSC and Clemmie in London , August 1941.jpg

A collection of images documenting the development and dissemination of the Atlantic Charter.

Contributors: Various

Atlantic Conference


A collection of images of the meeting between U.S. President Franklin D. Roosevelt and British Prime Minster Winston Churchill at Argentia Bay,…

Contributors: Various

Battle of the Atlantic

Patriotic Poster, Go To It Chum, IWM PST 14440, c.1.jpg

A collection of public photographs depicting the battle for control of the Atlantic Ocean during World War II.

Contributors: Various

Campobello Connections

17-Sara's watch from James R, on Franklin's conception, give.jpg

A collection of images relating to the Roosevelt family's connections to Campobello Island from 1881 to 1962

Contributors: Calder Family Archive, Campobello Island, courtesy of Vera Calder, the Adams Family Collection, FDR Presidential Library and Museum.

FDR and Margaret Suckley

73-113 217 Daisy with Fala at White House Study room on December 20, 1941.jpg

A collection of images by or about FDR's friend and confidante Margaret, "Daisy" Suckley, 1935-1945.

Contributors: FDR Presidential Library, Hyde Park, NY

Pearl Harbor & FDR


A collection of items recording President Roosevelt's response to the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor.

Contributors: FDR Presidential Library, Hyde Park, NY
US National Archives

Refugees: My Brother's Keeper

7 Ian and Donald in thier kilts, c.1937.jpg

A collection of stories, files, images, about refugees from Great Britain to America during World War Two. Includes a story of two brothers, Ian and…

Contributors: Colin J. Cruickshank-Windhorst

The Four Freedoms


A collection of images, and other files on FDR's articulation of the principles of "the Four Freedoms", and public response.

Contributors: Various