Battle of the Atlantic

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Battle of the Atlantic


Second World War


A collection of public photographs depicting the battle for control of the Atlantic Ocean during World War II.


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Jonathan Dimbleby, The Battle of the Atlantic, Oxford University Press, 2016




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Second World War, Battle of the Atlantic, Atlantic Ocean.

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Survivors of SS Athenia, Sept 3, 1939
An image of a lifeboat with survivors from SS Athenia, sunk by U-boat in the Atlantic in the early days of the Second World War.

Merchant Navy mariners
Image of newly trained recruits to the British Merchant Navy. A draft leave HMS GORDON to join their ships. They are carrying their personal belongings in their kitbags from the depot

Graf Spee scuttled in River Platte
Image of the German heavy cruiser Admiral Graf Spee on fire after being scuttled in the mouth of the River Platte, Montevideo, Uruguay in 1939

 Arctic conditions on Atlantic convoy
Sailors using steam hoses to clear ice from anchor chains and winches on board HMS SCYLLA during a cold spell on patrol in the Atlantic, Febraury 1943

 US Merchant Navy victim of U-Boat
Image of a US Merchant Navy ship being sunk off the Atlantic coast of the United States. Allied tanker Dixie Arrow, torpedoed by U-71 in 1942 (source Wikipedia)

Atlantic convoy
Image of US Merchant Navy vessel in Atlantic convoy, taken for USCGC Spenser, one of the largest cutters in the Coast Guard fleet, escorting Convoy HX-233 across the North Atlantic to the United Kingdom. This is part of a dramatic sequence of…

U-boat POW's
Image of captured U-boat submariners being held as prisoners of war.

Emergency feeding center in Liverpool, England
Image of three young girls eating sandwiches at an emergency feeding center in Liverpool, England during World War II

Convoy Routes in the Atlantic
A map showing the approximate convoy routes, in green, between England and North America during World War II. Blue dots represent the sinking of Allied merchant ships , red dots indicted the destruction of a German U-Boat. The dotted black lines…

Hedgehog Anti-submarine Mortar
Photograph of a 24 barreled anti-submarine mortar, known as a Hedgehog, mounted on the forecastle of HMS Westcott., during the Battle of the Atlantic in World War Two.
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