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Atlantic Charter


The Atlantic Charter


A collection of images documenting the development and dissemination of the Atlantic Charter.


The Norumbega Foundation


Franklin Delano Roosevelt Presidential Library, Hyde Park, New York


August 1941





Collection Items

 Atlantic Charter, Winston Churchill
Winston Churchill's annotated version of the Atlantic Charter, prepared with Franklin D. Roosevelt during their meeting at Argentia Bay, newfoundland in August 1941

Memorandum on Atlantic Charter from FDR
A handwritten memorandum from FDR to White House staff with instructions on preparing the "Joint Declaration", later know as the Atlantic Charter, for dissemination to the press and public,

FDR's complete version of the Atlantic Charter
Franklin Roosevelt's annotated version of the Atlantic Charter, in the form of five page press statement. Includes an handwritten note from FDR: "For delivery to Press and Radio at 0900 EST on Thursday, August 14. " followed by the full text of…

Atlantic Charter, Published Version
The "official" published version of the Joint Declaration of President Roosevelt and Prime Minister Churchill, that came to be know as the Atlantic Charter.

Newspaper Headline on Atlantic Charter
Front page headline of the Springfield Union newspaper, announcing the Atlantic Charter promulgated by President Roosevelt and Prime Minster Winston Churchill.
This 28 page newspaper has a four column headline on the front page: "ROOSEVELT-CHURCHILL…

Opposite Numbers, Chiefs of Staff Marshall and Dill
Photograph of General George C. Marshall and Sir John Dill, chief of the Imperial General Staff, on the HMS Prince of Wales, during the Atlantic Conference at Argentia Bay , Newfoundland.

Winston and Clemmie,  on his return from the Atlantic Conference.
Photograph of Winston Churchill and his wife "Clemmie", Clementine Churchill, on his return to London from his meeting with FDR in Newfoundland, after creating the Atlantic Charter, in 1941..
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