Campobello Connections

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Campobello Connections


Franklin D. Roosevelt, Eleanor Roosevelt, Sarah Delano Roosevelt, Campobello Island, New Brunswick, Eastport, Maine.


A collection of images relating to the Roosevelt family's connections to Campobello Island from 1881 to 1962


Unknown photographers


The Franklin D. Roosevelt Presidential Library and Museum, Hyde Park, New York, the Campobello Public Library and Museum, Welshpool, New Brunswick, the Adams Family Collection, and the Calder Family Archive,


The Norumbega Foundation


1881 to 1962


Calder Family Archive, Campobello Island, courtesy of Vera Calder, the Adams Family Collection, FDR Presidential Library and Museum.


Friends of the Campobello Museum, The Norumbega Foundation.






Still images, and Text


Campobello Island, New Brunswick, Hyde Park, New York

Collection Items

Sara Roosevelt: Farewell to Campobello.
Photographic image of Sara Delano Roosevelt, elderly mother of President Franklin D. Roosevelt, escorted by a group of well dressed young men. She appears to be ready for departure, holding a ticket in one hand, while a reporter with camera stands…

Eleanor Roosevelt with Student Institute on Campobello
Eleanor Roosevelt hosts a Student Leadership Institute training course under the International Student Service in the Roosevelt house in Campobello. She is seated with college students in informal attire listening intently to a discussion among the…

Eleanor Welcoming Guests at Campobello Institute
Image of Eleanor Roosevelt welcoming speakers and participants to the Summer Institute held at the Roosevelt's cottage on Campobello Island in July and August of 1941. Visible in the picture are Eleanor Roosevelt, Supreme Court Justice Felix…

Roosevelt Family Cottage on Campobello Island
A black and white image of the cottage built for James and Sarah Roosevelt on Campobello Island, New Brunswick, 1883-4, designed by Willard Sears. Their young son, Franklin Delano Roosevelt spent his summers here from the age of three, until he and…

Courting on Campobello: Franklin and Eleanor
Franklin D. Roosevelt and Eleanor Roosevelt on the porch at Roosevelt's summer home at Campobello, New Brunswick, Canada, 1904

Sara Delano Roosevelt's Pendant Watch
A green enameled, pendant gold watch, set with diamonds and sapphires, in solar guilloche pattern, with a diamond star design on the reverse, The watch hangs on a heavy gold and enamel chain, with pearl and diamond accents. The maker's name,…
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