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spencer1517_300 - Copy.jpg
Image of the United States Coast Guard Cutter Spenser attacking German U-175 with depth charges in the North Atlantic Ocean on April 17, 1943. One of the Coast Guard's largest cutters of the time, it was escorting Convoy HX-233 across the North…

Patriotic Poster, Go To It Chum, IWM PST 14440, c.1.jpg
A patriotic poster encouraging the production and shipment of exports during World War II. A blank, white text inset is positioned in the lower center image: a three-quarter length depiction of a dockyard worker moving a wooden crate. He looks up at…

1265px-Convoy moving easteward across the Atlantic to Casablanca,  c. 1942.jpg
Photograph of a convoy moving eastward across the Atlantic towards Casablanca, Africa, in 1942

Submarine_attack_on U 848 in the South Atlantic(AWM_304949)[1].jpg
Photograph of German submarine U-848 under attack by a very low flying aircraft, while a depth bomb explodes in the distance. Note the twin Anti-Aircraft guns in the conning tower, and deck gun,

Photograph of a 24 barreled anti-submarine mortar, known as a Hedgehog, mounted on the forecastle of HMS Westcott., during the Battle of the Atlantic in World War Two.

A map showing the approximate convoy routes, in green, between England and North America during World War II. Blue dots represent the sinking of Allied merchant ships , red dots indicted the destruction of a German U-Boat. The dotted black lines…

Image of three young girls eating sandwiches at an emergency feeding center in Liverpool, England during World War II

034 U-boat POW's.jpg
Image of captured U-boat submariners being held as prisoners of war.

Atlantic Convoy , Battle of the Atlantic, USGSC Spencer 3321_300.jpg
Image of US Merchant Navy vessel in Atlantic convoy, taken for USCGC Spenser, one of the largest cutters in the Coast Guard fleet, escorting Convoy HX-233 across the North Atlantic to the United Kingdom. This is part of a dramatic sequence of…

032b US Merchant Navy victim of U-Boat.jpg
Image of a US Merchant Navy ship being sunk off the Atlantic coast of the United States. Allied tanker Dixie Arrow, torpedoed by U-71 in 1942 (source Wikipedia)
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