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Contemporary image of the Deer Isle Bridge connecting Sedgwick with Little Deer Isle, Maine, completed by the Public Works Administration (PWA) under FDR's administration in 1939. To accommodate navigation by high masted sailing vessels, the center…

USS Potomac, 1939.jpg
USS Potomac (AG-25), Presidential Yacht used by Franklin D. Roosevelt. It was commissioned on October 25, 1934 as the USCGC Electra (WPC-187) and renamed the USS Potomac (AG-25) on January 30, 1936. This black and white image shows the USS Potomac…

HMS Prince of Wales in Argentia Bay, Atlantic Conference, August 1941.jpeg
Off Argentia, Newfoundland, after bringing Prime Minister Winston Churchill across the Atlantic to meet with President Franklin D. Roosevelt.

Donation of Vice Admiral Harry Sanders, USN(Retired), 1969.

Prince of Wales and USS McDougal at Argentia Bay, August 1941.jpg
The USS McDougal (DD-358) alongside HMS Prince of Wales, to transfer President Franklin D. Roosevelt to the British battleship for a meeting with Prime Minister Winston Churchill during the Atlantic Conference.
Photographed in Placentia Bay,…

058-1941 Atlantic Charter, FDR, WSC, et al., 10 August, 2015, HMS Prince of Wales.jpg
Photograph of President Roosevelt, Prime Minster Churchill with their respective chiefs of Staff, and aids ,including Harry Hopkins ,Averell Harriman, Admiral Earnest King, General George C. Marshall, Sir John Dill, Admiral "Betty" Stark, Admiral…

042  Lord Beaverbrook, Minster of Supply and Averell Harriman,.jpg
Photograph taken at Argentia of Lord Beaverbrook and W. Averell Harriman, who, in September, 1941, headed up the Anglo-American supply mission to Moscow. Harriman refused to be intimidated by Beaverbrook.

041  General Hap Arnold, Air Marshal Freeman.jpg
A photograph of General Henry "Hap" Arnold and Air-Vice Marshal Sir W. R. Freeman meeting on board HMS Prince of Wales during the Atlantic Conference, at Argentia Bay, Newfoundland, on August 1941.

040  Admirals Betty Stark, Dudley Pound,  Earnets King.jpg
Photograph, L to R, of Chief of U.S. Naval Operations, Admiral Harold R. "Betty" Strark, First Sea Lord Admiral. Sir Dudley Pound, and Admiral Earnest J. King, commander of the U.S. Atlantic fleet., on board the Prince of Wales during the Atlantic…

Dust jacket for a book by English writer H.V. Morton who accompanied Churchill to the Atlantic Conference on HMS Prince of Wales.

065  WSC watching departure of FDR, Aug 1941.jpg
Image of Winston Churchill at the rail of HMS Prince of Wales watching the departure of President Roosevelt on the USS Augusta, form Argentia Bay, newfoundland, following the Atlantic Conference.
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