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  • Collection: Refugees: My Brother's Keeper

7 Ian and Donald in thier kilts, c.1937.jpg
Photograph of two brothers, Ian Gladstone and Donald James Cruickshank, in their native Scotland, before leaving for America as evacuees during the Second World War in September, 1940.

10 John Cruickshank, probably in Scotland.jpg
Photograph of the Dr. John Cecil Cruickshank, (1899-1956) author of letters to his two sons, Ian and Donald Cruickshank, evacuated to America from 1940 to 1944 to escape the Nazi threat to Great Britain during the Second World War. Posed on a beach…

43 June 29 1941 pg1.jpg
Two letters written to his young sons in America, Ian and Donald from their father, Dr. John Cecil Cruickshank, describing wartime conditions, hopes, aspirations and family news -a new little sister death of the boy;s maternal grandmother- and life…

Photograph of two bothers, Ian Gladstone and Donald James Cruickshank, evacuated from Great Britain to Boston, Massachusetts in September, 1940, in their new American clothes.

Newspaper interview with two brother, Ian an Donald Cruickshank, ages 8 and 9, recently evacuated from war-time England to Boston, Massachusetts. Includes their reaction to their new American foster family, the Dalrymples, educational plans, and…

Photograph of British evacuees, Ian and Donald Cruickshank, posing with wartime foster family in Brookline Massachusetts. Back row, left to right, Willard and Chester Dalrymple, Dorothy and Sydney Dalrymple with Blitzen the Dachshund.

Newspaper account of the harrowing trip made by 118 British children from their homes in England to the safety of American shores during World War Two. Includes the children's recollection of wartime conditions in Great Britain, their trip to…

Newspaper article on the reaction of British children evacuated to New York City on their experience of America during World War Two

A newspaper photograph of children evacuated from Great Britain arriving by train in New York City. Caption reads: 'Little war guests at Grand central Terminal last after trip from Montreal. They were evacuated under the auspices of the Untied…

Cunard White Star Ocean Liner 'Andania", used to convoy evacuees from war-time Great Britain to North American, during the Second World War. 'Cunard White Star, on the bottom left with "Andania" on the bottom right, in script. File images includes…
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