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Atlantic convoy, Arctic icing condition.jpg
Sailors using steam hoses to clear ice from anchor chains and winches on board HMS SCYLLA during a cold spell on patrol in the Atlantic, Febraury 1943

062 Atlantic Charter, WSC copy, annotated..png
Winston Churchill's annotated version of the Atlantic Charter, prepared with Franklin D. Roosevelt during their meeting at Argentia Bay, newfoundland in August 1941

032b US Merchant Navy victim of U-Boat.jpg
Image of a US Merchant Navy ship being sunk off the Atlantic coast of the United States. Allied tanker Dixie Arrow, torpedoed by U-71 in 1942 (source Wikipedia)

43 June 29 1941 pg1.jpg
Two letters written to his young sons in America, Ian and Donald from their father, Dr. John Cecil Cruickshank, describing wartime conditions, hopes, aspirations and family news -a new little sister death of the boy;s maternal grandmother- and lifeā€¦

120 UN Poster ARC_516086.jpg
Poster depicting "We the people" from the Preamble to the Charter for the new United Nations,inlcuding a drawing of multinational faces illustration key text from the opening words of the document.

037 Argentia Bay US Naval Air Station, 1942.jpg
Image of the Argentia U.S. Navy Air Station, acquired from Great Britain under the destroyers for bases Lend-Lease deal, site of the Atlantic Conference in 1941.

048b-1941 Atlantic Charter Conference Menu, 9 August 1941, signatures.jpg
Image with the names, titles and signatures of the chief participants in the Atlantic conference.

064 Atlantic_Charter_OWI_50[1].jpg
The "official" published version of the Joint Declaration of President Roosevelt and Prime Minister Churchill, that came to be know as the Atlantic Charter.

048c-1941 Atlantic Charter Conference Menu, 9 August 1941, signed.jpg
Full menu for dinner served on board the USS Augusta to the leaders and chiefs of staff with the Roosevelt and Churchill , with signatures..

048a-1941 Atlantic Charter Conference Menu, 9 August 1941, cover.jpg
An image of the Menu for dinner hosted by President Roosevelt and signed by himself, Churchill, and the principal chiefs of staff of the American and British military and diplomatic aids.
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