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17-Sara's watch from James R, on Franklin's conception, give.jpg
A green enameled, pendant gold watch, set with diamonds and sapphires, in solar guilloche pattern, with a diamond star design on the reverse, The watch hangs on a heavy gold and enamel chain, with pearl and diamond accents. The maker's name,…

A black and white image of the cottage built for James and Sarah Roosevelt on Campobello Island, New Brunswick, 1883-4, designed by Willard Sears. Their young son, Franklin Delano Roosevelt spent his summers here from the age of three, until he and…

Sara Delano's Departure, Campobello-Eastport, 1941.jpg
Photographic image of Sara Delano Roosevelt, elderly mother of President Franklin D. Roosevelt, escorted by a group of well dressed young men. She appears to be ready for departure, holding a ticket in one hand, while a reporter with camera stands…
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