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spencer1517_300 - Copy.jpg
Image of the United States Coast Guard Cutter Spenser attacking German U-175 with depth charges in the North Atlantic Ocean on April 17, 1943. One of the Coast Guard's largest cutters of the time, it was escorting Convoy HX-233 across the North…

HMS Prince of Wales in Argentia Bay, Atlantic Conference, August 1941.jpeg
Off Argentia, Newfoundland, after bringing Prime Minister Winston Churchill across the Atlantic to meet with President Franklin D. Roosevelt.

Donation of Vice Admiral Harry Sanders, USN(Retired), 1969.

Prince of Wales and USS McDougal at Argentia Bay, August 1941.jpg
The USS McDougal (DD-358) alongside HMS Prince of Wales, to transfer President Franklin D. Roosevelt to the British battleship for a meeting with Prime Minister Winston Churchill during the Atlantic Conference.
Photographed in Placentia Bay,…

73-113 217 Daisy with Fala at White House Study room on December 20, 1941.jpg
Photographic image of Daisy Suckley posed on a leopard skin rug in the President's Study at the White House, Washington, D.C. The rug was a gift of Emperor Haile Selassie of of Ethiopia. The picture was taken by FDR after dinner on the occasion…
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