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73-113 21 FDR, Dasiy and nieces on USS Potomac, 1937 (2).jpg
Photographic image of President Franklin D. Roosevelt relaxing with Daisy Suckley and several others on the U.S.S. Potomac in 1937

73-113 62 FDR on porch at Top Cottage, June 2, 1941, with Fala under table, taken by DS.jpg
Informal photographic portrait of Franklin D. Roosevelt seated in a rocking chair on the porch of Top Cottage, Hyde Park, New York, with Fala asleep under the table in the foreground.

73-113 66 Daisy with Fala at Top Cottage, 1941, taken by FDR.jpg
Photographic image of Margaret "Daisy" Suckley holding Fala, the Roosevelt's Scottie dog, seated on the porch of Top Cottage, Hyde Park, New York, in 1941.

Franklin D. Roosevelt and Eleanor Roosevelt on the porch at Roosevelt's summer home at Campobello, New Brunswick, Canada, 1904

A black and white image of the cottage built for James and Sarah Roosevelt on Campobello Island, New Brunswick, 1883-4, designed by Willard Sears. Their young son, Franklin Delano Roosevelt spent his summers here from the age of three, until he and…

IMG_0649, ER with Justice Felix Frankfurter and Smith College President emeritus Willima Neilson, Joe Lash with books, at International Student Servce conference, Campo., 1941.JPG
Image of Eleanor Roosevelt welcoming speakers and participants to the Summer Institute held at the Roosevelt's cottage on Campobello Island in July and August of 1941. Visible in the picture are Eleanor Roosevelt, Supreme Court Justice Felix…

09-2355M (2).jpg
Eleanor Roosevelt hosts a Student Leadership Institute training course under the International Student Service in the Roosevelt house in Campobello. She is seated with college students in informal attire listening intently to a discussion among the…

Sara Delano's Departure, Campobello-Eastport, 1941.jpg
Photographic image of Sara Delano Roosevelt, elderly mother of President Franklin D. Roosevelt, escorted by a group of well dressed young men. She appears to be ready for departure, holding a ticket in one hand, while a reporter with camera stands…

Official photograph of the leaders of Great Britain, the United States and the Soviet Union, Winston Churchill, Franklin D. Roosevelt, and Joseph Stalin at the Yalta summit Conference in the Crimea, 1945, seated, with senior officials and…

120 UN Poster ARC_516086.jpg
Poster depicting "We the people" from the Preamble to the Charter for the new United Nations,inlcuding a drawing of multinational faces illustration key text from the opening words of the document.
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