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120 UN Poster ARC_516086.jpg
Poster depicting "We the people" from the Preamble to the Charter for the new United Nations,inlcuding a drawing of multinational faces illustration key text from the opening words of the document.

048a-1941 Atlantic Charter Conference Menu, 9 August 1941, cover.jpg
An image of the Menu for dinner hosted by President Roosevelt and signed by himself, Churchill, and the principal chiefs of staff of the American and British military and diplomatic aids.

0111 Mrs. Ellen Delano Adams on  Verandah, 1941.jpg
Ellen Delano Adams, the first cousin to Franklin Delano Roosevelt. enjoying the shade on the porch at Fir Coat, the Adirondack style cottage built for her by her husband, Frederick Adams, Sr. on Campobello Island, during the summer of 1941. …

Carved inscription on the pedestal of the Four Freedoms monument in Washington, D.C.

Newspaper interview with two brother, Ian an Donald Cruickshank, ages 8 and 9, recently evacuated from war-time England to Boston, Massachusetts. Includes their reaction to their new American foster family, the Dalrymples, educational plans, and…

17-Sara's watch from James R, on Franklin's conception, give.jpg
A green enameled, pendant gold watch, set with diamonds and sapphires, in solar guilloche pattern, with a diamond star design on the reverse, The watch hangs on a heavy gold and enamel chain, with pearl and diamond accents. The maker's name,…

Photograph of two bothers, Ian Gladstone and Donald James Cruickshank, evacuated from Great Britain to Boston, Massachusetts in September, 1940, in their new American clothes.

FDR Atlantic Charter memorandum, FRD Library.pdf
A handwritten memorandum from FDR to White House staff with instructions on preparing the "Joint Declaration", later know as the Atlantic Charter, for dissemination to the press and public,

73-113 66 Daisy with Fala at Top Cottage, 1941, taken by FDR.jpg
Photographic image of Margaret "Daisy" Suckley holding Fala, the Roosevelt's Scottie dog, seated on the porch of Top Cottage, Hyde Park, New York, in 1941.

Atlantic Charter, FDR version, p.1.PNG
Franklin Roosevelt's annotated version of the Atlantic Charter, in the form of five page press statement. Includes an handwritten note from FDR: "For delivery to Press and Radio at 0900 EST on Thursday, August 14. " followed by the full text of…
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